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UPDATE: 3/11/11-----As many of you know, I stopped taking and marketing Libidus/Maxidus because it was no longer working for me. It has taken me well over 1 year of constant testing to find a Libidus/Maxidus replacement. Well, folks, I think I've finally found one: Zenerex . It's actually working far better than Libidus/Maxidus ever did, I'm quite happy to say. So don't be bashful, friends, ORDER NOW and do something about your sorry-ass sex life.

Simply click on the "Order Now" at the bottom of the page. You will find all you need to know about my new product: Zenerex. Old Man Al guarantees you that you WON'T be sorry!!!

Looking for the same old nonsense about Libidus Maxidus? If you are, click away to any of the competitor's websites. They are all Libidus clones. Buy Libidus is THE only website with a Libidus Blog and forum (see below for URLs). Let's begin with a few facts about what Libidus can do for you.

Please read Libidus Myths before reading further. It will dispell quite a lot of nonsense currently circulating about Libidus.

Also, I've been writing an argumentative peice on Libidus vs. Sildenafil. Click on Libidus vs. Sildenafil.

Beginning in 2002, a Malaysian company doing business as Bio-Gulf began experimenting with an herb found in the rain forests of Indonesia and Malaysia. This herb is known as Tongat Ali (T.A), which has been used for a host of things in their native countries (and a few nonnative countries) for centuries.

What were those things? Some men and women have used T.A with incredible results to raise testosterone; an aphrodisiac, if you will. Testosterone levels have proven to more than double with T.A in some users. Others, such as body builders, have used Libidus for increasing muscle mass. Think about it, if you buy Libidus, you not only have T.A, but 6 other herbals, which we will discuss shortly.

These folks didn't have to buy T.A, they simply roamed the rain forests, dug up the roots of the tree and extracted the it.

Naturally, it is difficult to keep something that increases sex drive a secret. Thus people began to place a heavy demand on the tree. So much so that the only place to obtain T.A in Malaysia today is from farms.

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Today, those who buy Libidus use it for sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunction. Of course this has blossomed into other uses, such as a desire a more fulfilling and more explosive sex life.

If you read the sales copy of the other websites selling Libidus, you'll see some pretty outrageous claims. Don't believe everything you read. Libidus pills are not the answer to EVERY problem you may have. Those other websites have a lot to gain by making sales. Be aware that most of it is sales garbage made up by professional marketing copy writers.

Well, I'm not a professional anything, so I can't make those outrageous claims. I have only my own, and my friends experiences. And that's the honest truth. Be that as it may, using Libidus just might be an answer. Think of it as a very safe, and possibly very effective way to enhance your sexual life.

If you do decide to do so, you may be in for some very pleasant surprises. We have had a number of folks who have written to us with some pretty outstanding results. You can see those testimonials in the side bar to the right.

Okay. Why did I buy Libidus? Mostly age - I'm vicitm to decreased Libido, much to my wife's dismay. Libidus has really helped me increase my sexual activity. We used to be intimate only once in 2 weeks. I knew I had to do something for my loss of interest in sex, or face divorce. So, I went on the internet and began looking for a natural libido stimulant. Sex enhancers such as Sildenafil, Cialis do nothing for the libido, by the way.

I found several: Yohimbe, which was widely reported as being very effective, but had really nasty side effects; and Libidus. Like most of us at one time or another, I was suspect of the outrageous claims that the websites that were selling Libidus were making. However, in the end, it was my wife who encouraged me to buy Libidus. I've never once regretted her decision.

After trying it, I knew that I had discovered the real deal. I felt like I owned it, I discovered it. It was MINE. Why? Well, it really did help me recover my lost Libido. I seem to have discovered a whole new meaning to sex and look at it not as my duty, but as my best friend.

That's why I firmly believe that Libidus is the best herbal sex enhancer that money can buy.

And that's also why this webmaster is advising you to do the same. It just might save your relationship, just as it did mine. It really does work for me, and it's probably the only herbal out there that does. But don't believe the crap that you read on those websites pushing you buy Libidus, friends. There is only ONE trusted source (where I discovered Libidus).

And, good news for you north of the border; you can buy Libidus in Canada, too. If you buy it in Canada, you'll have no problem with Canadian customs - Libidus is 100% herbal. Add to that the fact that it is available worldwide, no problems with ordering and shipping.

And so, I've become a devotee. I use it, I promote it here and I occasionally make a few bucks from it.

I suggest that you try it, too, my friends. You will have an iron-clad money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

Update/8-15-09 - Well, folks, Old Man Al has not been doing updates here lately. Why? Well, because I have a blog for my updates, so please read it. It will be of interest to ALL of my readers.

Update/12-26-06 - First and foremost, let Old Libidus Maxidus Al (No, I never was a Roman emperor) begin this update by wishing all my readers one hell of a great new year! You all deserve it! Why in hell we were choses to age is beyond me...

I've got to correct the 11-20-06 entry. It's erroneous -- Libidus was NOT renamed Maxidus to escape customs; rather, it was simply given a new moniker, Maxidus. Same product, different name. Further details can be seen on my blog or the forum, which will have renamed??? Libidus Maxidus blog? Libidus Maxidus forum? Time will tell...

Update/11-20-06 - coming soon...

Update/4-27-06 - I've decided to include a few pages on Erectile Dysfunction/Premature Ejaculation in the form of news and articles. This is yet another fine service provided by Al. Please follow this link to the latest erectile dysfunction/premature ejaculation news and erectile dysfunction/premature ejaculation articles published daily. All articles are ordered by date: Click Here to view the ED news

Update/4-14-09 - The NEW Libidus Forum has arrived! A first for any Libidus website. The Forum allows readers to discuss issues related to sexual enhancement and the resultant products of penile ego. Please follow this link to the Forum: Click Here to view the Libidus Forum I invite my readers to post on the Libidus Forum as they wish about enhancement or ED issues. I intend to add many more categories to the forum as time goes goes by.

Update/4-6-09 - Yet another new arrival: The Libidus blog! The Blog has daily entries regarding natural sex enhancers and what they can and can't do for you, advice and suggestions on sexual enhancement, personal experiences using other sexual enhancement products, and a hell of a lot more! Please follow this link to the Blog: Click Here to view the Libidus Blog Please read the Blog! I intend to cover many issues regarding natural sex enhancers like Libidus. I also invite readers to post comments on the Blog.

Update/3-30-06 - It's important to note that one thing Libidus is not - it is NOT a drug! Readers will find many comparisons (including mine) regarding Libidus vs. the synthetics; particularly, Sildenafil Citrate. Please, kind and gentle readers, do not mistake Libidus for a drug similar in nature to the synthetics. That would be a mistake. Libidus is correctly classified as an herbal remedy. It has NONE of the ingredients of the synthetics. All Libidus ingredients are natural and and contain no manufactured chemicals.

Update/2-20-06 Health Canada advises about vision problems possibly associated with the 3 big (you know them) synthetic ED drugs. Read all about it HERE . Do we need more compelling evidence for the benefits of natural sex enhancement pills such as Libidus?

Update/1-18-06 --It irritates me when I read my competitors sales copy about Libidus. If we were to believe these guys, we would all throw our Sildenafil, Cialis and Levitra in the toilet!

For example, look at this one: "How To Have Killer Sex Tonight And every night until the day you die when you buy Libidus, even if you are impotent...."

Yo, people, Libidus DOES NOT CURE impotence! It is an ED aid.

The truth? It may or may not work for you. My suggestion is to buy the 10 pack and find out for yourselves. What we've got to remember is that it comes with a one year guarantee, so if doesn't live up to your expectations, return it!

Update/4-11-06 --Okay, I've been using Libidus for just a little over 8 months now. Have the effects decreased with use (I use it once a week). My answer: no way! The effects are just as present as they were 8 months ago - good news for all of us old coots. Still working on my personal Libidus testimonial . I've got so many other things on the fire that it is a bit hard to get to. Fear not, I will, oh fearless readers and users of Lib.

Update/1-1-06 --Libidus Pills have surpassed 5,000,000 capsules in sales worldwide! It must be working for others besides myself and friends.

Update - 12-29-05 --I've noticed that there are a few websites that debate the virtues of Libidus compared to other natural libido loss product. Take my word for it, folks, it's all pretty much nonsense. Libidus is the ONLY natural libido loss product that works. Don't waste your money on the others (I have.) I'm here to tell you that what those other websites are selling is placibo garbage. Look, you've got a money back guarantee with Libidus - where else can you find that? So, even if it doesn't prove up, you can still get your money back. It's a win, win situation.

Update - 11/22/05 . I've been getting a lot of email regarding whether or not Libidus can be used as a Sildenafil substitute. My experience is no. I do have a number of younger folks using it successfully as a substitute, but most of us older coots (I'm 58) still need an extra push to get the old plumbing fired up.

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